Cobra Key System 82 Unit “The Outback” Key Control System

Cobra Key Systems

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Product Description


The Outback is a secure, portable, outdoor key management system that allows you to keep your keys at your fingertips. Keys and license plates are managed by the Cobra Key System.You will never again need to risk losing your customer while retrieving the keys. With The Outback the keys remain on the lot, near your customer and maintains key control. Eliminates the need for costly lock boxes. Easy to mount in the morning, and easy to remove at night.
OC50 – 50 Unit Outback Cabinet w/Lock
Dimensions Height: 35.75″ Width: 18.25″ Depth: 8″ Weight: 31.7 lbs Layout: 5 x 10 Shipping Weight: 45 lbs
Content 123 Key Holders 10 Access Keys 1 Master Key 82 Cobra-Tags (ID Tags) Operating Manual Box Size: 40 x 25 x 15


Patent No. 5,842,362


  • Weight: 45 lb
  • Width: 40 in
  • Depth: 15 in
  • Height: 25 in

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