Hanging Shop ticket Holder Black Stitching (Box 15)




SKU: CL17411

Product Description

Hanging Shop ticket Holder Black Stitching, 10.68” x 11.75”, 15/Box 

Store and protect work orders, production schedules, inventory cards, restaurant menus and more with C-Line’s Stitched Shop Ticket Holders. The taped and stitched outer edging provide additional strength to the holder to allow it to withstand rough industrial environments. Edging is available in black, primary and neon colors, which allows important paperwork or signs to stand-out and be organized by color coding. Also available are specialty designs like hanging style, dual pocket, high-capacity, zipper seal, unique sizes and magnetic options, making the holders more versatile in their application. Made of super heavyweight material, these Shop Ticket Holders are the perfect solution for industrial document storage.


Keep the information with the job!

  • Stitched Shop Ticket Holders with a Hanging Strap let you hang your job tickets right with your jobs
  • Great for hooks, pegs, vehicle mirrors, or machinery
  • Stitched seams for long-lasting utility
  • Clear on both sides
  • Black
  • 9 x 12
  • 15/BX


  • Weight: 15 lb

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