CQRit Cabinet

Cobra C50

Mechanical Key Control System

Cobra mechanical key cabinets offer a sturdy and affordable solution to your key control needs.

Cabinets are constructed from .063 Aluminum which is rugged, lightweight, and rustproof. They’re powder coated in a texture gray for easy cleaning. Cabinet doors can be mounted on either left or right.

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Electronic Key Control System

(pronounced ‘secure it’)

Now available the new CQRiT Series II

Just released in November 2009. CQRIT II is a competitively priced key security system combining the highest level of software security, and state of the art monitoring.

The CQRiT II electronic key cabinet system caters to users with a high level of risk and liability. CQRiT is a state of the art system, providing an audit trail, user monitoring, and PIN or biometric access.

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C.Q.R.iT Electronic Key Management System
Lenel OAAP Members & Products C.Q.R.iTC.Q.R.iT Electronic Key Management System
The C.Q.R.iT is an easy to use Electronic Key Management System designed to increase the security of your facilities and physical asset management by providing secure key storage, total key control and full key auditing capabilities. KeySecure is the included software package provided to manage C.Q.R.iT cabinets.

Affordable Key Management System Options

Welcome to Cobra Key Systems, your resource for user-friendly electronic and mechanical key control solutions.

At Cobra Key Systems, we recognize the importance of tracking and controlling access to your keys. We also know that in order to get the most of your key organization system, the system must be user-friendly and must integrate seamlessly into your current workflow and key management practices and software. And yet, given all that, your sophisticated new system must also meet whatever budget constraints you’re working with.

Law enforcement agencies, car dealerships, real estate brokers, property managers and many other types of businesses rely on Cobra Key Systems to provide a key management system that meets all these needs and more.

Cobra Key Systems has you covered with everything from mechanical key cabinets that meet the minimum standards for key security, all the way up to sophisticated electronic security key boxes. Systems such as CQRiT (pronounced Secure It) even use Microsoft-based KeySecure software to integrate your electronic key tracking system with your existing network for the ultimate in key security.

We invite you to learn more about Cobra Key Systems’ products by browsing our CQRiT, Cobra, Auto Dealer and Cobra Accessories pages for details about our key security solutions.