Cobra Mechanical WallBoards

Cobra Wallboards are powder coated and easy to maintain.

Cobra Solid Serialized Tamperproof Key Ring

Cobra Serialized Tamper Proof Key Ring line for secure key control.

140 Unit Key Cobra Key Storage System

Cobra Key Systems



Cobra Access Keys – 50 Pack

Cobra Key Systems

$295.00 $285.00


Cobra Key Boards: Unit Key System Panel Racks

Cobra Key Systems

$150.00 - $480.00


Multi-Color Coded Tag 50-pack (Beads Only)

Cobra Key Systems

MSRP: $9.95 $9.95 $8.95


Locking Key Cabinet

Welcome to Locking Key Cabinet, your source for quality secure key rings, tamper proof key rings and security key cabinets.Locking Key Cabinet offers the finest selection of quality key rings for indusrial, automotive and commercial use. Key control systems and Locking Key Cabinets are ideal for auto dealer, valet and property management applications. Bulk Key Rings are available in a variety of strengths and materials. Zinc plated, stainless steel and tamper proof key rings will protecty your investment and increase your security level. Locking Key Cabinets are recommended for security in dorms, hotels, condominium management and maintenance departments. Protect your assets and invest in a quality key control system for your business, commercial or industrial needs.


“We had such a great customer experience the first time we purchased our Locking Key Cabinets.  Now we know where to get the customer support we’ve been looking for, thanks so much!”


Car Dealer

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Cobra Key Systems is dedicated to developing and marketing innovative key  and other asset control systems for the marketplace. Cobra Key Systems works with established national and international distributors who bring the finest products to the market.